Our Story

Ewa Elementary School is committed to Kaizen, continuous improvement, to support student learning and high achievement for all of our students.

In Spring 2017, the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) granted Ewa School a Six-Year Accreditation Status.

Ewa Elementary School is one of the oldest schools in the Leeward District, with our roots dating back to 1882. The values of the "Ewa Way" are rooted in community traditions of Ewa's "Plantation Days." The culture of the Plantation Days embraced the sense of family/community, teamwork, responsibility to each other, and hard work. Based on enrollment, Ewa Elementary is the third largest elementary school in the state.

In 1944, a statue of Abraham Lincoln, a gift to the school, was unveiled. Every year we look forward to celebrating the beliefs and values of Abraham Lincoln at our annual Lincoln Day Program.

Ewa School supports well-rounded education beyond reading and math that includes robotics, sports, service clubs and student performances. To be well-equipped with 21st Century skills, students utilize electronic devices within their daily instruction.

The old Ewa School Administration Building

Dedication morning

Admiration of the Lincoln Statue

Students relaxing by the Lincoln Statue